Managing 24000 users in 120 servers!

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Simple to use and fantastic!


Gecko-Bot is almost 100% customizable! You can use the Bot for your own requirements!


The bot is hosted 24 hours a day! You will never have to worry about an unusable discord bot!

Active project

Gecko-Bot is continously getting developed and improved!

About Gecko-Bot

Gecko-Bot is a discord bot with a range of moderation tools focused for all servers with both small and large audiences. You can set up welcome messages and auto-roles. Gecko-Bot also has a levelling system to encourage engagement and user loyalty, your users will love competing with members in many servers! Don't forget about the strong, customisable filters for cutting out trolls and NSFW content. Gecko-Bot also has legendary coin commands so why don’t you see who can climb to the top of the leader board? We are also a discord poll bot and a discord giveaway bot. It is easy to add our bot to your discord server. Just click the add bot button above and log in with discord! When Gecko-Bot has joined your server you can use our dashboard to set up all the custom features. It is time for you to add one of the best multi-purpose discord bots to your server!

We love taking ideas from the community, so why dont you join our Discord Server and suggest some new features!